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Application options

• Information about real-time events in.

• Review of event archive.

• Integration and management of video surveillance systems.

• Remote management of any integrated system (e.g. Smart house).

• Alert button.


FOR all customers who do not use the application or do not have a touch phone, A WEB service is still available (the customer is provided with an individual access to the site event archive; sending SMS to the customer's phone number for events at the site).

Event analysis protocols of the world's leading IP camera manufacturers in the Taipans Pult program, which excludes the influence of the human factor, because everything is done by an automated analysis program.

••• CrefoCert

Taipans has obtained CrefoCert's certificate for the current year! Such a certificate is a sign of stability and quality that helps to strengthen positions among competitors and improve the reputation of the company. We are proud of the assessment of our work and look forward to working as well with you as we have done in the future. You can be sure of your own safety while it's in our hands.



For information: Evaluation of undertakings shall be carried out by an independent and professional undertaking, using an objective and accurate assessment developed in cooperation with Creditreform Risk Management in Germany. Crefocert certificate is granted by the SIA CREFO Rating, which is a company of the Creditreform Latvija group. As of 2011, CREFO Rating is also a licensed re-user of the data of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia, providing online access to the company database in Latvia - www.crediweb.lv.


Security and safety: today it is no longer an exclusive and costly service, but a daily service that allows citizens to be safe about their property also during their absence. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, owners of private houses, apartments, offices, sales sites, manufacturing or any other buildings and spaces have the possibility to receive rapid and high-quality information about what is happening on property. The most important thing to entrust the security of your property to.


The use of security guard services is the most effective way to reduce the risk to your object, prevent materials and moral damage. The main priority of the activity of TAIPANS is customer security and the main activities are the technical and physical security of the sites. TAIPANS provides not only safe and high-quality security services to the customer, but also rapid and developed technical service.


The company of TAIPANS Ltd is registered with LR UR on 28 November 2007 and its main activity is to provide technical security for the customer's facilities, i.e. alert response, as well as the assembly and servicing of security and fire protection systems.


TAIPANS is considered an honour to offer their services to customers in the security field. Customer safety will be provided by a team of experienced professionals with modern technical equipment. The data network and the centralized monitoring panel (CNP) technical systems shall provide a continuous flow of object control information with the backup of communication channels, recording all events and activities of our staff, including by recording audio and video recordings, enabling reasoned reports to customers on events.


A specific safety concept shall be developed for each specific nature of the objects, according to which the Physical Guard Service shall provide physical security services at the relevant specific facilities. TAIPANS also carries out security for mass events and individuals.

Taipans Apsardze

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In every city at least one of the security vehicles is equipped with:





Car launch device when the customer's a/m battery is discharged or has become weak.






Checking the pressure of the car's tyres, pumping, in cases where the customer's a/m tyre has released air or become soft.





Alkometer enables the customer to inspect himself or herself, employees or visitors if there are doubts about the allowable levels of alcohol in the body and need to drive a/m).





If an unscheduled power 220V is switched off at the customer's facility and it urgently needs to be secured.





Receiving signals from an object, processing and analyzing data, sending a mobile group to an object for its survey and informing the customer about events at the object.


The data network and the centralized monitoring panel (CNP) technical systems shall provide a continuous flow of object control information with the backup of communication channels, recording all events and activities of our staff, including by recording audio and video recordings, enabling us to give reasoned reports to customers on events.


The CNP worker sees on the map:

1. The location of the alert facility;

2. The exact location of the infringement at the object;

3. The closest mobile security unit to the object.





Customer employee and property security. The security officer will provide all necessary assistance to prevent any potential damage and resolve conflict situations.


The guarding of protected facilities shall be performed in accordance with the instructions developed by the TAIPANS and individually agreed by the Customers, which shall specify:

• the rights and duties of security officers in carrying out the security of the objects;

• Emergency handling by security officers;

• Required contact phones, evacuation and rounding of the facility, as well as patrol plans.





We offer the installation and connection of security guards - fire alarm systems to the central guard console (CAP).


You can order a complete service complex:

• Design.

• Installation.

• Attendance to alarms.

• System maintenance.


The TAIPANS uses security centres certified by the Fire Service of the Republic of Latvia. The installation of safety systems is carried out in compliance with all the requirements of the systems manufacturers' firms, the regulatory requirements of the LR.




Visual recording and recording of events occurring in premises or territory in the media for several weeks or months. The video surveillance system provides an opportunity to obtain visual information about what is happening in the observed area in 24-hour mode.


We offer security surveillance systems – for apartments, houses, offices and production facilities, and for areas around them. The video surveillance system can be used both as a real-time monitoring system and as a reconstruction system for historical events.


The video surveillance system shall provide the best effect if it is further integrated with other security systems, such as security guards, access control, fire detection and notification systems. In this case, in addition to alarms from other systems, a visual event fixation shall also be obtained, enabling the sequence of unauthorised action or unplanned event and the persons involved in it to be fully restated.




The employees of the Technical Service TAIPANS have long-term experience in equipping objects with electronic security systems at a variety of complexity, as well as in servicing these systems:

• Guard alarm systems;

• Fire alarm systems;

• Video monitoring systems;

• Access control systems.


Technical Specialists will carry out training for your staff in working with security systems. Arrival at the object of the departing technical staff within 2 h.


Twelve months after the signing of the System Installation and Transfer of Jobs - Acceptance Act, guarantee:


• Free repair of system equipment, as well as replacement of components if the defect is due to poor work or due to fault of the System manufacturer;

• Replacement of damaged System equipment if repaired more than three times;

• Replacement of damaged System equipment if the performer determines that it is not possible to repair it.





The smart house is a convenient solution for home or apartment automation. These systems make it possible to remotely control the heating, electrical system, as well as certain elements, such as locks, window sensors, their blinds, garage gates, water heaters, ventilation, and much else. Smart homes can be driven by smartphones or the Internet.

••• preliminary cost of services per month
All prices are without VAT.




Apartment from €12

Garage from €20

Private house from €20

Office from €20

Trading room from €25

Bar, cafe from €30

Pawnshop from €40

Jewellery sales space from €40

Warehouse from €30

Hangar from €30

Production room from €35

Ring-fenced area from €60




Apartment from +3 €

Garage from +3 €

Private house from +3 €

Office from +5 €

Trading premises from +5 €

Bar, cafe from +5 €

Pawnshop from +15 €

Place of sale of jewellery from +15 €

Warehouse from +5 €

Hangar from +5 €

Production premises from +5 €

Ring-fenced area from +5 €




For companies

Price per computer per month

1-2 PCs from €25

3-5 PCs from €20

Over 6 pc - price after agreement

For individuals

Price by agreement


If the prevention of computer problems takes longer, or it will only be possible to avoid it in service - payment by mutual agreement, depending on the complexity of the works to be performed, the time to be consumed and the costs of spare parts.

If we are unable to solve the problem, we will not be able to provide free counselling and call money.




Price after agreement!

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